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FREE Christmas Short Story


Beauty Shop Christmas is a humorous story told from the perspective of my YA main character’s aunt. Aunt Linda never expected to be instant caretaker to two teenage girls.

I hope this free short story brings a smile to your face.

You can listen below or read the text here.


What I Write

I write contemporary young adult novels and novels for the general market. Currently, I am seeking representation while continuing to work on my craft.

I tell stories about people facing tough times. Not all of my books have romance, but when they do the romances are sweet. No graphic language, sex, or violence, just plenty of heart tugging emotion and laughing. My fiction has a slight to rich southern flavor, depending on the book. Two of books feature a main character on the autism spectrum. My female leads are strong, if flawed. Endings aren’t sugar coated, but I always strive to leave my readers with a sense of hope.

Life is messy and beautiful. In everyone’s story there is truth and hope. My novels are about common struggles and the triumph of finding faith to carry on through those battles.

What’s on The Blog

Blogging is squeezed in between novel writing. I write about books, the writing life, and my bookish friends. I blog about books from a variety of genres, but focus on general fiction, women’s fiction, and young adult. On occasion I write a post about nonfiction books, television series or movies.

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