What I Write

I write young adult and contemporary women’s novels. Currently, I am seeking representation while continuing to work on my craft.

Words, written or spoken, can change lives. My goal is to help readers understand that in every situation there is hope. Sustaining faith can be found even in the midst life’s hardest situations.

Story communicates. It does more than entertain, it prods us to think. A well-crafted tale challenges, soothes, imparts truth, or attempts to conceal it. For seekers, stories open blind eyes. They speak a language the heart can hear.

They bring the prodigal home.

Life is messy and beautiful. In everyone’s story there is truth and hope. My novels are about common struggles and the triumph of finding faith to carry on through those battles.

What’s on The Blog

My blogging is squeezed in between novel writing. I usually post on the first Monday of every month with an update on my writing or news about my bookish friends.

The Book Break posts go up every week. These are also shared on my Instagram account.

I blog about books from a variety of genres, but focus on general fiction, women’s fiction, and young adult. Every once in a while I write a post about nonfiction books, television series or movies.

Where You Can Find Me

I’d love to hear from you! If you would like to connect with me you can email me at donna@donnajostone.com or subscribe to my blog. If weekly posts are too much mail, sign up for my quarterly newsletter. You can find me on Facebook, Instagram, or Goodreads.

I also blog at Undaunted Homeschool.