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Stories of Hope from the Past and Present

Donna Jo Stone

Sometimes you need a story.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved stories. They have the power to illuminate and heal, convict and soothe. I feel incredibly blessed to be able to spend time creating novels.

The books I write are about common struggles and finding the faith to carry on.

Whether you’re a fan of southern historical, contemporary young adult, or sweet romance, I hope you find encouragement in the pages of my novels.


NEW Upcoming Christian Suspense ​Romance

When young real estate agent Sandra Lejeune rece​ives an anonymous letter threatening her family, she leaves her ​home in Cypress Bend, Louisiana and travels to England, inten​ding to warn her estranged mother. But first she has to find her.​ Sandra starts her search in the Suffolk coastal village of Ede​n Cove, untangling memories and mysteries along the way. W​ho sent the letter? Her father’s shady business partners? The ​private investigator Sandra previously hired? Or someone else en​tirely?

Family Drama, Romance, Suspense Releases ​9/06/24

Inspirational Historical Romance

It’s 1965 and times may be a-changing, but not fast enough in Pecan Ridge, Louisiana. At least not for Joann Kincaid. She dreams of running the family store, but her father prefers she reunite with her old sweetheart, Nathan...


Contemporary Short Romance

Kaitlyn is competent, smart, and capable—except when a series of disasters threaten to derail the perfect intimate summer wedding she’s arranged for herself and her fiancé, Emerson, at a picturesque Victorian Bed and Breakfast...

FALL 2024~Southern Coming of Age

Babies are a gift of God, a fact fourteen-year-old Marigold Parker knows full well, but the one she carries isn’t by her choice. It’s by her cousin. Set in 1978 rural North Louisiana, When the Wildflowers Bloom Again is a story of family relationships, betrayal, and forgiveness.


I believe words can change things.

I’ve been a columnist, a freelance writer of essays and articles, and now produce novels. Besides writing fiction and nonfiction, I have a heart to encourage other authors and have fulfilled that role through columns, blogs, and as a teacher and writing coach.

When I’m not writing, my life is full of simple joys, especially those brought by time with family, books, and music.

(Readers often spot references to songs of the era sprinkled throughout my historical novels.)

On my rare days out, you might find me poking around book shops, historical sites, and craft stores.

“Joy bursts into our lives when we go about doing the good at hand and not trying to manipulate things and times to achieve joy.”

C.S. Lewis

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Thoughts on books, faith, family, the writing life, plus author interviews.

Sing, Beloved

Close to bedtime, I prayed with my teen daughter. I asked God to bless her and thanked Him for her. Then I stopped talking and gave room for the presence of the Holy Spirit.

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Library Visit~ Blind Date With a Book~Seed Library

I had to go to the doctor's three says in a row, for three injections! Ouch. I needed to walk off that last one, so my son took me to the local library, where I found some old friends (books!) to comfort me.

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Old Bibles in the Church

☕ Book Break ☕ | The Evangelical Imagination: How Stories, Metaphors and Images Created a Culture in Crisis by Karen Swallow Prior

I grew up in an evangelical community.

I found this nonfiction book utterly fascinating and liked hearing about the history, the first precursors to novels, how the different influences of societal ideas, religious ideas, and literature have all impacted each other.

What Readers Are Saying About My Books

Quotation Mark

Readers will come to love Donna Jo Stone’s in-depth characters and insightful prose.


Goodreads Review

Quotation Mark

So much warmth is woven into this novelette, I couldn't help but smile.


Goodreads Review

Quotation Mark

... a fun, easy, and entertaining read — and as I would expect from this author, it includes lots of true-to-life details and relatable characters.


Esther J


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“Kindred spirits are not so scarce as I used to think. It’s splendid to find out there are so many of them in the world.”

Anne of Green Gables~L.M. Montgomery


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