Book Trailer| Drawing Nina

We are working hard on the book trailer for one of my current YA projects. Today I am adding a few more drawings. It is a learn-as-you-go process and I imagine there will be several more illustrations needed as we continue on.

2015-02-07_19-34-06_122The visual component of the trailer will include a combination of computer animation and stop motion. The old fashioned production method would have been fine by me, but my live-in tech support said doing the animation in the computer would be easier.

Hmmmmm. No comment.

The audio recording is done, but needs some tweaks for sound quality. I had a difficult time finding the right music.

Here’s a tip for anyone needing a music clip that fits a wide range of emotions, try folk music. Nina is a wee bit snarky but the topic is emotional. The music behind the voice recording made a huge difference in the impact of presentation.

Book manuscript edits are in process, as always. I am extremely thankful to my beta readers for all their help on this project! I couldn’t do it without them. You guys rock.

I’m praying for strength and God’s purpose to be accomplished in it all.




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