Take the Road to Dreams

No one else can live our dreams for us. To place what is in one’s heart, superimposing it on an another’s destiny, is a cowardly ambition. To allow people to use us in such a way is almost as bad.

Our dreams are our own. People will tell us that we are not good enough. They will say, “you are not an artist,” or “not educated enough,” or “the right kind,” and that they know better. They lie.







You are beautifully and wonderfully made, complete with a destiny, a fire in the belly. It’s your job to stoke it, regardless of how many wet blankets come along oh-so-eager to smother.

Forget nurturing the tiny spark with gentleness, hiding from naysayers. Make the fire roar so they don’t have a chance to extinguish the flame.

[tweet_this]Forget nurturing the tiny spark with gentleness, hiding from naysayers. Make the fire roar.[/tweet_this]

Some people disrespect you because their eyes are too full of their own failures to see beyond the smallness of themselves. Don’t be them. Tend to your own vision. Do this and you will recognize the greatness in fellow travelers.

There is no need to push others aside, because the road prepared for you is your own. The obstacles there are your own as well. It is your job to take them on.

Do not go against what God has prepared for you. Figure out what you are here for and get to it. Dreams can be quiet and simple, but must be large to your own eyes. Dig around in your soul and find them. Understand the uniqueness of your calling. Understand the value of your deepest hopes and why they are imbedded in your being.

There are prizes you will never receive. Goals unreachable and impossible. They all look that way from where you are standing right now. No one can say with the slightest speck of certainty what dreams are within your reach.

[tweet_this] No one can say with the slightest speck of certainty what dreams are within your reach.[/tweet_this]

Passion and destiny collide. With all the tears and bloody bruising, it’s not always pretty. But it is always exquisite, your beautiful dream, big and gorgeously audacious in the middle of ambition and grit.

The joy is in the pursuit of destiny, not in trophies or glittery accolades.

This is how we live a dream.

What will you do with your dreams today?

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  1. Sometimes I forget what my dreams are. Sometimes I think they are not going to come true. Reading this makes me realize that I have fight for it. For the dreams that God have gave me. Thanks for encouraging me. Blessigns.

    Tayrina from TGAWrites.

    1. Tayrina,
      I am so glad you were encouraged. Continue to seek out your dreams and fight for them. They are there for a reason. Asking God to bless you as you seek His plan and purpose for your life!

  2. You have a wonderful gift of encouragement Donna. Thank you for sharing these words today. You’re right. The joy is in the pursuit of destiny.

    1. I hope theses words encouraged you to keep pursuing your dreams. Thanks for commenting, Dawn. Glad you stopped by.

  3. It always amazes me with I can hear something that I desperately needed to hear at just the right moment. I have been so down on myself lately – it’s easy to concentrate on not failing versus taking a chance on a dream. Thank you for the encouragement and for linking up with Waiting on…Wednesday!


  4. Love this! You call us out into something greater – you call us into faith. Big dreams happen when we trust God. I doubly love this message! Cheering you on from the #RaRalinkup on Purposeful Faith.

    1. God’s plans for us are so big if we only step out in faith and obedience, yes? Thanks for stopping by and cheering, Kelly. 🙂

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