What I Do

I write contemporary young adult novels and novels for the general market. My current work in progress is a young adult contemporary dealing with grief, loss, and learning to accept those who love us as they are. I am actively seeking representation for my books.

I am compelled to encourage and uplift fellow travelers, and do so through writing, prayer, and conversation. Also with occasional sharing of coffee or chocolate.

Posts go up on my blog once or twice a week, and my regular YA column for Almost An Author is published monthly. The rest of my writing time is primarily spent on my novels. There are days when moments of seclusion to write bad poetry is required.

The remaining hours of each and every day are given over to my beautiful, inspiring, messy family.

Where I’ve Been

I spent a few years freelancing for parenting, health, inspirational, and craft magazines, for both print publications and online magazines. I have been a homeschooling columnist for a parenting paper and health columnist for an online organization. Slice of life essays for magazines and anthologies are also among the bits and pieces accepted for publication.

I’ve been down hard roads and learned hope is always there. Life is dark at times, but there is always a light in the darkness. This is my motivation for writing novels, to illuminate that hope.

Where You Can Find Me

I’d love to hear from you. Comments are always welcome on my blog.

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  1. Hello Donna, Are you the author that lives in East Texas and writes some romance and other things.
    A friend from Jefferson recommended that I contact you and invite you to participate in an event at Lake o the Pines . Can I Please have an email address to send you all the pertinent information for the November 2,2019 event. Thank you.

  2. We are a family and one of us is an Aspie. Please don’t give up. The church in a neighborhood with a school where the kids/teens are overpriveleged and clique-y made our child very uncomfortable, and a place that is supposed to be a safe sanctuary became frought with fear, sadness, and discomfort. I am grateful that we realized that no place, even a church, is worth that pain . THAT BEING SAID, SOOO IMPORTANT TO KEEP ON SEARCHING as you can find the RIGHT church for YOUR family, your Aspie. Please don’t give up! You need God and to know that there ARE GOOD PEOPLE that care about everyone.
    We are in need of more youth groups for our, God’s, kids.

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