☕ Book Break ☕ | Finish by Jon Acuff

~Finish by Jon Acuff~ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Wrestling the perfectionism beast is one of my most time-consuming past times. This little book is full of great advice and I highly recommend it to anyone who struggles with the disease of unfinished projects. I love John Acuff’s writing style. His personality comes through on the pages. I am sorely tempted to buy this book as Christmas gifts for the procrastinators on my list. This one is well worth the read. I immediately began to implement his advice, even before I was through reading the book. The encouragement and advice in Finished has inspired me and my production has increased so I can say this book worked for me. I am sure I will be needing more of those first draft notebooks.

☕ Book Break ☕ | The Aspie Girl’s Guide to Being Safe with Men by Debi Brown

~The Aspie Girl’s Guide to Being Safe with Men by Debi Brown~⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ It’s sad such a book has to be written, but it is a hard fact that people on the spectrum are some of the most vulnerable. The characteristics of autism make those with ASD easy targets. It’s hard to stay safe when you can’t read body language and you don’t understand social interaction well. This book is written by a woman on the spectrum to young women and girls on the spectrum. It is not bogged down by technical jargon but rather reads like a conversation imparting sisterly advice. At the same time, it is well organized. Much of the information contained in this book are things girls are assumed to instinctively know or pick up from their friends. This does not happen for people on the spectrum. Even if a person has been instructed about the topics in this book, having the unwritten safety rules organized and written out is a good idea and would probably be helpful. If you care about a young lady on the spectrum I feel purchasing this book or one like it is needed and money well spent. This small volume is easy to understand and written in a friendly, sensitive, accessible style. This is a book about sexuality and staying safe in sexual relationships from a female aspie perspective. Have the conversation.
This is the first book I have seen on this specific topic. I haven’t seen one for guys yet. If you have please let me know in the comments.